801Airsoft Arena House Rules

  • RESPECT the arena, your equipment and other players and admin. Treat others how you wanted to be treated.
  • Have INTEGRITY to call your hits, it’s the HONORABLE thing to do.
  • Play SAFELY. Don’t move or climb obstacles, stay hydrated, keep your eye protection on.
  • Wear eye protection in the Arena area at all times, even when passing through.
  • Full face mask and goggles required during games. Gloves are highly recommended but not required.
  • NO loaded airsoft weapons in the staging area.
  • NO guns over 350 fps w/ .20g BB. (1.14 Joule MAX)
  • NO BB weight over .25g is allowed.
  • All airsoft guns can be used in Semi only!
  • Live action grenades (Thunder Bs) are allowed to be thrown around corners only, NEVER OVER OBSTACLES.
  • Live action grenades have a 10 foot blast radius minus hard cover. (Hard cover blocks grenade shrapnel)
  • Ricochets count, all hits count.

Bring only what you need! Staging area space is limited!